Who We Are

Since the mid-1990s Zigabid has been dedicated to helping clients buy and sell tickets in the Southern California area. The ticket industry has gone through many changes in that time and Zigabid has adapted. In the ever-changing world around us, we have always kept true to our goals – to serve our clients by providing them the best ticket guidance and services. Whether you’re looking to sell tickets you’re no longer able to use or looking for fairly priced tickets to an upcoming concert, show or sporting event, Zigabid can help.


With more than 20 years in the ticket industry, you could say that Zigabid has a lot to offer. Extensive experience and deep knowledge of events, tickets and venues makes Zigabid a comprehensive resource for buying and selling tickets.

You won’t have to worry about the most effective ways to market your tickets for quick sales, because Zigabid will take care of that and more. With expert insight into the numerous online ticket marketplaces, broker platforms and a strong retail customer base, your tickets will sell quickly and at a fair price.

Zigabid thoroughly understands tickets for sporting events, concerts, and theater. So, if you’re looking to purchase tickets for upcoming events you can feel confident that Zigabid will successfully help you get great deals on great tickets.


As a client of Zigabid, you know you will always be treated fairly, and the staff will attend to your ticket needs with the utmost honesty and respect. With a passion for customer service and a relentless desire to get you the best deals, we give you no need to worry about the high level of care that you’ll receive through Zigabid.

Many first-time clients soon become loyal customers for years to come, and with good reason. Zigabid is not only dedicated to easing the process of buying and selling tickets, we’re also dedicated to providing high-quality service and guidance that eliminates any unnecessary stress.


Whether you’re looking to buy or sell tickets for sporting events, concerts, or theater, Zigabid is glad to manage all of your ticket needs. Let Zigabid help, and watch as we turn your tickets into cash, or help you find the right ticket at the right price. It will quickly be out of your hands, and into the hands of experienced event and venue masters. Contact us today and let us know how we can manage your ticket needs.