Z-Rewards Program

Z-Rewards Program
What is Z-Rewards?

Z-Rewards is Zigabid's rewards program that earns you points for interacting with the site. You can earn points for everything from buying and selling tickets, to posting event reviews and photos. To read a more detailed description about Z-Rewards, click here. Below is a chart showing the number of points earned for various activities on the site.

Earning Z-Rewards Points
How many points do I get for buying and selling tickets?

For every transaction you make on Zigabid, you will be allotted Z-Rewards points. You receive one point for each dollar you spend on a transaction.

For your very first transaction you earn double the amount of points of your transaction.
What are some other ways to earn Z-Rewards points?

When you sign up with Zigabid, you will automatically earn 500 Z-Rewards points as a thank you for joining our revolutionary community. You can also earn 25 Z-Rewards points for each event review or photo you post. Posted reviews can help other users know what to expect from the next event. You can post a review or photo by going to the "Community" tab on the "Dashboard" and clicking the submission links. Posting comments on the site will earn you 5 points. You can post a comment on the "Community" tab on the "Dashboard" and click the submission link under "Comments."

Managing Your Z-Rewards Balance
Where can I find out what my Z-Rewards balance is?

To check your Z-Rewards point summary go to the "Dashboard" and click the "Z-Rewards Summary" link, or go to the "Profile" tab and click one of the links under the "Z-Rewards" sub-heading. By clicking the links you will be directed to your "Z-Rewards Points Summary" which tells you your available balance, how many points you have used to date, how many you have forfeited, and how many points have advanced.

Redeeming Your Z-Rewards Points


How do I redeem my Z-Rewards points?

When you have earned at least 2,000 Z-Rewards points (or a $20.00 value), you will be presented with an option to redeem your points either at the time of purchase or when making an offer. To redeem your points, divide your point total by 100 to calculate the dollar amount of your discount. For example, if you have 2,000 Z-Rewards points, you will have a $20 credit to use towards the purchase of your choice.

Is there a limit to the amount of points I can accumulate?

There is no limit to the amount of points you can accumulate. We encourage you to make as many transactions and participate in our Zigabid Community as often as possible. The more points you have, the less you will have to spend on future purchases!

When I want to redeem my points, do I have to redeem all of them at one time?

When you choose to redeem your points, you may either redeem them in full or redeem a portion of them. You may check you Z-Rewards Point Summary on the "Dashboard" at any time to see how many points you have available to redeem.

Can I trade in my Z-Rewards points for cash?

Your Z-Rewards points cannot be transferred into cash. Points serve as a credit towards future purchases. Your point cash value may only be used on Zigabid purchases.