Why sell tickets to Zigabid?

Zigabid has two options for customers looking to sell their tickets. If you’re looking for quick payment for the tickets at the time of delivery, then the cash option is the best choice for you. Zigabid will evaluate the market value of the delivered tickets and determine a fair price to offer you. Since Zigabid is paying you for the ticket before we’re able to resell it, we’re agreeing to take all of the risk for you. This quick and easy option leaves you risk-free and with cash in hand!

Zigabid is perfectly situated to buy your tickets. Our ability to market your tickets in so many ways allows us to sell your ticket for maximum value. This allows us to pay you more for your ticket. You also know that you will be working with an experienced ticket seller. You will be treated with respect and dealt with in a fair and discrete manner. Lastly, you always know that you can contact us and talk about the sale of your tickets.

If you’re looking to maximize the money you’ll make on your tickets and don’t mind waiting for the tickets to sell, then the consignment option might be the right choice for you. With the consignment option, Zigabid carefully markets your ticket throughout several sales channels. This increases the probability of the tickets selling at a higher price. Once the tickets are sold, you get to keep 85% of the sales price. While Zigabid only takes 15% as a fee toward our marketing services. In this option, you and Zigabid split the risk for the possibility of a higher sales price.

If you have tickets you need to sell, don’t hesitate! Contact Zigabid today and optimize the value of your tickets. We’ll get them sold quickly, efficiently, and you’ll receive a fair price.